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Anarchistic Discussion of Prisons and Prison Society in Eugene

I have seen dozens of these flyers around Eugene for this local discussion of prisons and anti-prison perspectives based on anarchist/anti-authoritarian ideas happening at the Growers Market Co-Op building upstairs meeting area this Friday the 13th at 5 pm. It is based upon a person coming to town to discuss their publication called The Dirt. It looks like the person can’t make it to Eugene now so there will be copies of the newspaper passed around with discussions on related topics.

Location: Growers Market building upstairs meeting area
When: Friday Feb 13th at 5 PM

Here’s the description of what the talk was going to be about and probably what the discussion will be framed around:

Speaking Tour: Decentralized “News” For the Annihilation of Prison Society
The Dirt is a combative, anti-state periodical for the total
annihilation of prison society. We’re trying to establish an on paper decentralized media outlet for north american anarchists. We’ll be publishing details about prison profiteers and surveillance tycoons, as well as, articles by prisoners and more. We’d like to talk to you about what we mean when we say “decentralized media outlet” and what exactly we’re trying to do. We’d like to distribute copies in your area, as well as, make new connections with people who’d like to write, print, and participate in the project of spreading anarchist discourse while making their enemies shit their pants. I’ll start out this presentation with some spoken word, stand on my soapbox for a minute, and then we’ll have a group discussion about 1 of 3 topics: What is the role of media in an anarchist insurgency, Are anarchists in amerikkka all talk?, or a topic of your choosing.




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