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Large Donation of Books from AK Press to the Eugene Infoshop !

The Eugene Infoshop received a large donation of books from AK Press. Talked to the AK folks during the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest (Saturday Dec 6) and the Anarchist Bookfair (Sunday Dec 7) and they said they would donate some books. This was a lot more than expected (obviously a Festivus miracle or some shit…it was funny to get these on the all-consuming capitalist/christian holiday of Dec 25); the Eugene Infoshop library collection has over 50 AK Press books now in the collection. Check out the photos for the books donated:


IMG_20141225_184259 IMG_20141225_184307 IMG_20141225_184318 IMG_20141225_184333 IMG_20141225_184345 IMG_20141225_184415 IMG_20141225_184425 IMG_20141225_184442 IMG_20141225_184451 IMG_20141225_184502 IMG_20141225_184517 IMG_20141225_184525 IMG_20141225_184537 IMG_20141225_184555 IMG_20141225_184609 IMG_20141225_184621 IMG_20141225_184634 IMG_20141225_184643 IMG_20141225_184653 IMG_20141225_184704 IMG_20141225_184719 IMG_20141225_184729 IMG_20141225_184740 IMG_20141225_184930IMG_20141225_183832


About Eugene Infoshop

Infoshop/Radical Reading Room in Eugene, Oregon. Currently based out of the Boreal, a volunteer-run, all-ages music venue in Eugene, Oregon. The Eugene Infoshop and the Boreal are two separate projects.


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