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What are ideas that inform the Eugene Infoshop as a project ?

A list of what literature the Eugene Infoshop is looking for to help show what ideas motivate this project to exist. We are currently based out of a music space, have tabled at an Anarchist Bookfair, and hope to get some public talks and other events going to get some conversations going in Eugene, Oregon.

The list below is not in order of importance, all issues are connected. Overall, the Eugene Infoshop is an anarchistic project, so it orients itself towards anti-authoritarian thought. Any literature or media donations on these topics appreciated:

(Sorry for all the jargon)

• Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian literature

• Immigrant liberation (Against All Borders, No One Is Illegal)

• Race, Racism, Anti-Racism, Against White Supremacy, Abolition of Race, and any forms of Essentialism

• Gender, Feminism, Sexism, Anti-Patriarchal, Anarcha-
Feminism, reproductive freedom, body autonomy

• Indigenous Liberation

• LGBT and Queer Liberation, Queer Anarchism, Transfeminism

• Anti-State

• Animal Liberation/Freedom ideas and animal rights literature (human ownership over non-human animals)

• Anti-Marxist from Anarchistic, Anti-Capitalist (hierarchical class systems under Capitalism AND Marxism)

• Rejection of electoral politics and anti-voting (any types of reaffirming the system) literature (always anti-politicians)

• Books making fun of right-wingers/conservatives/nationalists/

free-market capitalist assholes

• Ecology, Environmentalism, Radical Ecology

• Literature about the rejection of Civilization, Nation-States, Nations, City-States, etc. (radical decentralization)

• Critiques of industrialism, technology, Euro-centric presupposed ways of living

• Anti-Organized Religion, Scientism, Colonialism (religion as colonialism, colonialism as religion)

• The history of prisons and why to abolish them and any similar ideas (Books-to-Prisoners type literature also).

• Rejection of alcohol and drug intoxication as a way of life by choice of the individual not a society  (non-moralistic views, not the religious, conservative, and/or straight-edge views…anarcho-sobriety ?!?! )

• Anarchy


About Eugene Infoshop

Infoshop/Radical Reading Room in Eugene, Oregon. Currently based out of the Boreal, a volunteer-run, all-ages music venue in Eugene, Oregon. The Eugene Infoshop and the Boreal are two separate projects.


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