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Photos of Eugene Infoshop tabling at the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair

Here are some photos from the Eugene Infoshop table @ the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair this past weekend (shared a table with Fifth Estate magazine). Thank you to everyone who helped organize and get the bookfair going.

IMG_20140824_165233 IMG_20140824_165222 IMG_20140824_165210 IMG_20140824_105713 IMG_20140824_105651 IMG_20140824_105644 IMG_20140824_105705IMG_20140824_105733Of course, the penis book is next to a

zine talking about guns.

IMG_20140824_105609 IMG_20140824_105617 IMG_20140824_105629 IMG_20140824_105603 IMG_20140824_105558 IMG_20140824_105553  IMG_20140822_124939 IMG_20140822_124945 IMG_20140822_124953 IMG_20140825_215459 IMG_20140825_215559 IMG_20140825_215916 IMG_20140825_215947 IMG_20140825_220014    IMG_20140825_220125IMG_20140825_220138IMG_20140825_220110IMG_20140825_220051





About Eugene Infoshop

Infoshop/Radical Reading Room in Eugene, Oregon. Currently based out of the Boreal, a volunteer-run, all-ages music venue in Eugene, Oregon. The Eugene Infoshop and the Boreal are two separate projects.


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