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Photos from Eugene Infoshop grand opening

Grand opening was a success. Radical ideas on paper and in conversation were had by many. Local authors Jesus Sepulveda and John Zerzan showed up to check it out. Zerzan dropped off even more literature donations. A person donated many great zines with an exhibit piece informing people of Black Mesa Indigenous Support and Leonard Peltier.

A major goal of the Eugene Infoshop is to be a radical reading room library (which sells some books to help with rent.) Ultimately, the Eugene Infoshop leans towards anarchistic/anti-authoritarian ideas.

image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4) IMG_0682 IMG_0683 IMG_0684 IMG_0685 IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0690

This random guy gave us many book and magazine donations. He is known as The Zerz.

This random guy gave us many book and magazine donations. He is known as The Zerz.

IMG_0693 IMG_20140809_153902 IMG_20140809_153911 IMG_20140809_153922 IMG_20140809_153929 IMG_20140809_153939 IMG_20140809_153949 IMG_20140809_153956 IMG_20140809_154013 IMG_20140809_154020 IMG_20140809_154026 IMG_20140809_154044 IMG_20140809_154053 IMG_20140809_154103 IMG_20140809_154112 IMG_20140809_154121 IMG_20140809_154138 IMG_20140809_154152 IMG_20140809_154159 IMG_20140809_154211 IMG_20140809_154219 IMG_20140809_154225 IMG_20140809_154234 IMG_20140809_154241 IMG_20140809_154247 IMG_20140809_154256 IMG_20140809_154305 IMG_20140809_154312 IMG_20140809_154326 IMG_20140809_154332 IMG_20140809_154338 IMG_20140809_154348 IMG_20140809_154357 IMG_20140809_154405 IMG_20140809_154410 IMG_20140809_154417 IMG_20140809_154437 IMG_20140809_154457 IMG_20140809_154506 IMG_20140809_154516 IMG_20140809_154524 IMG_20140809_154545 IMG_20140809_154610 IMG_20140809_154828 IMG_20140809_154921 IMG_20140809_154940 IMG_20140809_154955 IMG_20140809_155027 IMG_20140809_155044 IMG_20140809_155053 IMG_20140809_155212 IMG_20140809_155102 IMG_20140809_155115


About Eugene Infoshop

Infoshop/Radical Reading Room in Eugene, Oregon. Currently based out of the Boreal, a volunteer-run, all-ages music venue in Eugene, Oregon. The Eugene Infoshop and the Boreal are two separate projects.


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